My Loving Mummy



Dated: Forever


My Mummy, Dr. (Mrs.) Saroj Kesar is and will always be my life and my everything. My mummy has always been very special, very loved and a very wonderful human being.I love and will always love my mummy very very much. Everyone loved and loves her very much. She has loved, helped and served many many people. She has a big heart, a beautiful smile and laugh and a friendly hand.


Mummy has always done so much for me. It has been a never ending process. “Sheena do this”. Her focus has always been me and my happiness. Her world revolved around me and papa.


Mummy has been a wonderful mummy. I am lucky to have her as my mummy and I pray to god to send her as my mummy again in my next birth. My mummy did a lot for me, right from birth she sacrificed her work for me inspite of being a very busy, good and successful doctor. She gave me all the attention. She had stopped going for her evening clinics to attend to me. She taught me all subjects. She looked after my health and well being, she got dresses made for me. She did everything for me etc.she cooked tasty food and on my every birthday she baked my birthday cake with her own hands. she used to do icing on it also. she was so good in cooking that people asked recipes from her.In all areas mummy is an allrounder.


She has been my best friend. I did not miss having a real brother or sister because I am so close to my parents. I used to discuss everything, every small and big thing.  I used to tell her what I did each day. If I had any problem she had a solution to it. “Sheena don’t worry everything will be alright.”


Mummy, a very positive thinker. She would always say, “Sheena be positive. Thank god for each day”. Mummy has always been there for me through good and bad times. I have two beautiful children because of her. Today I have Sambhav and Samaya because of mummy. Had it not been for her support, guidance, encouragement and help, I could not have had my children. Mummy always said, “Sheen you can do it. I am here with you.” My pregnancies have been very difficult. Mummy would sit on my bedside for days and nights, holding my hand and saying,” Sheena don’t worry. Nothing wrong will happen. The pressure feeling will go away.”


Mummy has always been extremely strong and brave inspite of her health problems. She always used to smile and be strong for our sake. People admired her for this unique quality. If anyone came to our home and she was not well, she would not  show the other person that she was not well, she would smile, talk nicely and help the other person.


Mummy has been a wonderful mother, a devoted wife, a dedicated doctor, an all rounder, so on and so forth. Mummy executed her duties gracefully. Everyone loves, respects her and misses her. Mummy has always had strong determination and a strong will to fight any problem.


Mummy is very bright and intelligent. She would remember all phone numbers, she could do all kinds of calculations, she remembered all peoples names. Their children, grand children’s names. I don’t know how she could remember everything. Whatever she kept in the house she remembered it by heart. Her road sense was very good even when she used to teach me she used to remember what was written on what page. A very photogenic memory, she had. Mummy was very active. She liked doing her work fast. Her actions and thoughts were fast and thoughtful. She had feelings for everyone. If anyone did little for her, she would feel how can I help that person. She loved people and people loved her. People would come and meet her before going for an important event or meeting and be successful in it. She had a lucky touch.


Mummy a very friendly person. She loved making friends, she loved interacting with people, she had many friends. If she would go to any gathering, she would make friends very easily. She would start talking to her neighbour. She was full of life, very bubbly, energy would ooze out of her. If mummy was upstairs and we were downstairs, she would here her talking while coming down the stairs. She would be saying something. She enjoyed talking on the phone with everyone. She was very popular among all relatives and friends. She was always ready with a helping hand. If anyone asked for help, she would leave everything and help that person first.


As her name suggest, Saroj meaning  lotus, she gave everyone happiness, love and fragrance. If she got to know anything, she would love to share it with everyone. She never hid anything from anyone. She had a very clear heart. What she felt inside, she would feel the same outside. She always used to portray her true feelings. She was very genuine, trustworthy and practical. She would put her thoughts in actions. She hardly used to get angry or upset. If she felt bad about anything, she would say it then, forget about it. She used to forget and forgive very easily. If she was upset about something someone said and that person suddenly came in front of her, she would never show that person that she did not like what that person had said. She would talk nicely, behave nicely. This is a very rare quality which I have never seen.


Mummy was very attached with her family, friends and things. She had a soft corner for everything. She loved shopping and loved eating chaat. Mummy was fond of dressing up, wearing good clothes, looking good. She was always looking good. She maintained herself. Mummy was also very fond of stitching clothes and knitting. She was very good at it.


Mummy always said, “I have enjoyed each moment of my life.” She has an extremely, loving and caring husband. She was and is very proud of papa. Papa is mummy’s life and mummy is papa’s life. That is the relationship my parents shared. They had a rare and beautiful relationship. They enjoyed each moment together with happiness. They hardly had any arguments. They respected each others feelings and sentiments and did everything to please each other. I also had a beautiful mother and daughter relationship. I enjoyed each moment with her. She was always so full of life “Sheena lets do this or that”

Mummy lived as a good human being and did good karams and is therefore remembered as a good human being. This is what life is all about. Mummy did it all. I am proud and lucky to have a lovely mummy and I will always miss her presence but she is always there with me, guiding me and telling me what to do. I wish I can be like her and do the things she wanted me to do.



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My Loving Mummy

I am starting this online memorial to always remember my Mummy – a wonderful and loving person. Please share your thoughts here with me.

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